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Radical it solutions IT Solutions back office processing capabilities are second to none. Many of our clients rely on us to. We have successful y scaled to hundreds of agents for short term projects without sacrificing results. Deliver on a wide range of complex tasks that require efficiency and the highest possible accuracy at an affordable price At Radical IT Solutions, your back office tasks will be given front office care.

Product Sale

We do provide exciting products for clients. In present IT firm product sale plays a high-flying role. Our administration panel designs services from consumers’ perspective. We do develop high quality of product as our panel provide superlative quality service for consumers. We do follow IT tendency for designing a product. Our sales panel guides you all the time in acquiring a product. Our management works around a clock for our clients. If necessary our panel guides in opting an accurate service.

Product Support

As our products are outstanding and simultaneously our product panel provide stupendous services for the products which we have designed. For product support service customer satisfaction plays a prominent role. We do design high quality services for consumers. Our management endeavour for folks. They everlastingly try to reach customers expectations and never disappoint consumers. For this reason our administrative panel effortlessly works hard and comes out with excellent outcome.

Services Support

Service support plays a prominent role in present IT industry. Our specialised supervisory provide spectacular service to clients. At any instant of moment our dedicated technicians’ lend their support to consumers in resolving queries and any species of problem. For us customer fulfilment is pinnacle most. For that reason our management struggles very hard. We do follow market trends and strategy. Everlastingly provide astounding service support for our clients. We designed services from clients’ point of view. We proudly say that, we are the best service support for you in resolving your uncertainty. Ad infinitum we resist upon our words promised to consumers.

Customer Services

The main target of Radical it solutions is to provide stupendous customer services for our clients. Customers’ issues and concerns are solved by our professional and skilled technicians. Our technicians work restlessly for you and everlastingly provide outstanding solution to your problem. Consumers can contact our executives through copious channel communication such as voice mail, live chat service, phone, and email. We never compromise on the quality and for us customer satisfaction is top most priority. Our proficient and certified technicians unendingly ready to aid consumers. Our technician good-naturedly listens to your query and spontaneously provides solution to your problem.

About Company

Radical it solutions is a privately owned offshore software outsourcing company from India offering software development services to clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia since 2011. Our offshore software outsourcing services and solutions are designed with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems.

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